Gracias Camino de Santiago

I started this site while walking El Camino de Santiago in northern rural Spain 2017…. I fell so in love with the experience, that I wanted to go back and walk and walk again the minute I got back home.

It has been a while since I was in the Camino trails… This year 2020 I had most things ready to go back and walk all those miles from Saint Jean to Santiago and beyond.

  1. Workplace blessing—checked
  2. Backpack and gear—checked
  3. Passport — checked
  4. Travelers Insurance — checked
  5. Few Euros —checked
  6. Plane tickets —checked
  7. First nights  accommodations in Spain —checked
  8. Bus rides to Southern France—checked
  9. Waiting patiently for date to come—checked

I could almost tasted the air of the country side…. I was looking forward to walk, drink wine and eat some good food or some bland tortilla, cafe con leche and zumo for my second breakfast.   I could almost  feel the blisters developing on my tired feet…. My brain was already adjusting to the heat, sweat, cold, rain… Hey I was even looking forward to all the snoring on those albergues!!

Then Covid 19 or corona virus hit….and my plans were gone.  I was lucky enough to get refunds from airlines, insurance and airbnbs….but I also got something I wasn’t planning on getting….a thought that had never crossed my mind before…..

Elaborating further…

Like most people ( should I  emphasize the word most ?)  I stayed home like I was supposed to… I had time to clean…eat….sleep….organize closet….clean…eat…sleep…..then it just became….eat and sleep…  or sleep and eat.

After a few days, tv got boring,  CNN got predictable and our President got obnoxious.   So I turned off the tv….I ate some more and I slept less….

I had a lot of time to think about life and about how became this old… then something clicked in my brain…. The urge of being outside this 10 x 10 place I call home made me realize that I want to see the world before I die.  Having no kids…no debt…I figured I’d work my ass off and go places…..but something also changed in me….(besides my fat mass increase) Camino de Santiago was NO LONGER calling my name…  I feel like the Apostle Santiago himself is telling me to go somewhere else….and that he is thankful that I took my time to go on pilgrimage to visit and honor him.

So…..Since I hate goodbyes…(honestly… I really do….ask those few who know me)…..I’ll keep this simple..

“Camino De Santiago I salute you…. I thank you for the memories….and for the brief time I spent with my camino family…”

Camino De Santiago is no longer for me…. I feel it that way…sad but true…

Gracias and Buen Camino