To most, closure is, as defined by some experts, the process of closing something like a relationship or in my case a friendship..

Few months ago… I met someone special….sort of like a brother to me…and ever since I said good bye to my friend, I had been having the feeling that our relationship was not over as it was…well until today.

My friend the Doc (last time I’ll call him that) and I exchanged a few words today. Without resentment I say “goodbye” to the image I created of this character when I spend quite a few time with Pavlo.

I will always treasure the times I spent with this dude and with Katrin. Thank you for being there..thank you for being you DOC… hope we can start a new relationship from now on.. for what we are…..strangers that briefly shared a common path….the way to Saint James..

Hope we can start a new chapter…..start a new..

You will always be the DOC to me Dr. Kovtum…and I hope to be your friend always…

PS… Spinner is waiting for you….congrats on your new gfriend… can I come to your wedding?